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At the time of writing this blog post everything is prepared and I'm already really excited about my very first flight to the States and therefore my very first Oracle JavaOne. As my talk proposal for JavaOne has been accepted by the conference committee - thanks again -, I'm even going to be a speaker at JavaOne 2012.

The talk I'm going to give together with Stefan Reuter is titled "Enterprise Application Integration patterns for Java EE cloud applications (CON6960)" and will focus on the following objectives:

  1. Provide basic knowledge of EAI and EAI patterns
  2. Show possible implementations of common EAI patterns with Spring Integration
  3. Present benefits and shortcomings of cloud-based EAI applications

The slides for this talk are already available at Github via the URL We'd be glad to get your feedback, especially in case you dislike what you read, have different opinions or there are questions left. Please take the time to contact us on Twitter (referring to #CON6960) or post a Github issue, so question and answer are publicly available for everyone interested. Thanks in advance.


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