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Per request debugging with Log4j 2 filters

Customers quite regularly call on me to support them when an application is not behaving as expected. On a development machine there are a lot of ways and utilities to analyse the situation. But troubleshooting the erroneous application behaviour in production environments quite often limits your tool belt to a minimum.

Migrate Owncloud from PostgreSQL to MySQL

I am running a self-hosted owncloud instance for more than a year now. Back in August I decided to setup a new Ubuntu 14.04 server at home and tried to run owncloud with a PostgreSQL backend - which turned out to be a bad decision.

Article on company culture at innoQ

For those of you interested in the impact of a company’s culture, I wrote an article about the company culture at innoQ on their blog. The article is on the company website and I’d really appreciate your feedback e.g. on writing style and content.

Personal Reset

Lately I noticed a growing dissatisfaction with my daily workflow. And this was not only because my last blog post has been almost a year ago. No, it’s related to a noticable drop in productivity. I figured this was due to my curiosity dragging me onto way more interesting topics than either my time frame or my toolset could master. Unfortunately trying to keep up-to-date on those topics created loads of distractions which almost resulted in an inability to focus on a single task for a longer amount of time