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I’m very happy to announce that one of my proposals for JavaOne 2013 has been accepted. This year’s JavaOne takes place from Sep 22 until Sep 27 in San Francisco and will be another great chance catch up with the latest and greatest in java development and of course to meet with many old and new friends.

I’ll be giving another talk on “Enterprise Application Integration Patterns and Best Practices” (CON7969). As soon as the Content Catalog is made available to the public, the session details can be found here.

Another reason I’m very excited about JavaOne is that my dear innoQ colleague Thomas Eichstädt-Engelen will join me on the trip. He and his friend Kai Kreuzer will present their OpenSource project OpenHAB - an OSGi based home automation bus system providing adapters for most of the proprietary formats and protocols on the market. With this software a smarthome becomes available to everyone.

So if you didn’t checkout OpenHAB already, you should!


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