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Lately I noticed a growing dissatisfaction with my daily workflow. And this was not only because my last blog post has been almost a year ago. No, it’s related to a noticable drop in productivity. I figured this was due to my curiosity dragging me onto way more interesting topics than either my time frame or my toolset could master. Unfortunately trying to keep up-to-date on those topics created loads of distractions which almost resulted in an inability to focus on a single task for a longer amount of time

Lucky me, I’m surrounded by a bunch of awesome people whom I could talk to about this and my pending decisions.

So, what does it mean?

  1. First of all I’ll try to get over that "writer’s block" and write small posts like this one about things on my mind.

  2. Second of all I will have to reduce the quantity of my output on Twitter and skip some of my projects to achieve a level of quality that is finally satisfactory for me personally.

  3. Regarding the toolset I decided to give DayOne another try. It’s a journal/ diary app that supports MarkDown (yes, I’d favor Asciidoc), syncs via iCloud, reminds me of stuff and has a few other nice features. The only downsides are it’s Apple-only and it doesn’t support WebDAV-sync which would allow automatic publishing to my blog.

That’s it for my plans. My next post will hopefully be quite soon as I’m currently preparing my JavaOne talk (CON4952) with my dear colleague, Martin Eigenbrodt, which touches some interesting aspects of #MicroServices and distributed systems. Let’s see how it will work out.


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